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  • Committed to reach all sections of the market users with honesty of purpose, ensuring that producers, sellers and purchasers have confidence in the fairness and transparency in the functioning of the market and making it a market of global importance.
  • In terms of arrivals, Azadpur Fruit & Vegetable Market is the biggest Fruit & Vegetable market in Asia. This is the market of national importance as it has assumed the character of a National Distribution Centre for important fruits like Apple, Banana, Orange, Mango and Vegetables like Potato, Onion, Garlic & Ginger.
  • This market was constructed by DDA in 1977 & the allotments of Shops to Traders have been made by DDA. There are about 3664 Commission Agents/Wholesalers in regulated market & the purpose of regulation is to ensure orderly marketing to safeguard the interests of both producers/sellers and consumers by eliminating various malpractices like under-weighment, short payment, delayed payments, unauthorised deductions & indulgence of too many intermediaries.
  • The aim is to ensure economic. legal and infrastructural conditions conducive to competitive marketing.