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Disablement of The Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd as a payment optionPosted On :24-11-2020
Dear Sir/Madam, With respect to the Press Release 2020-2021/647 issued by RBI on 17th November regarding the moratorium on The Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd. until December 16, 2020, we wish to inform you that we have disabled Lakshmi Vilas Bank as a payment option for Netbanking till further notice. Hence, customers who are trying to avail products/services on your website using Lakshmi Vilas Bank Netbanking will not be able to complete their transactions. Please note that other banks / cards / payment options will continue to be available as usual. This notification is only for Lakshmi Vilas Bank. Also note that for merchants who are using Lakshmi Vilas Bank as their settlement account, as a preventive measure we are withholding the settlement. Request you to provide the alternate account number with necessary documents to your respective account manager so that the same can be registered for payout purposes. Assuring you of our best services at all times.